Boiler Servicing

It’s a known fact that regular boiler servicing helps prevent Boiler breakdown and as somebody with over thirty years’ experience of working with boilers and heating systems I can vouch for the restorative powers of an annual boiler service. A boiler should ideally be serviced once a year to check for wear and tear and that all working parts conform to current standards. The best time to have your boiler serviced is during the summer months so it can work at its best throughout the winter months. As a Gas Safe registered engineer I am qualified to carry out a number of checks and inspections, the majority of which relate to checking for leaks, while the rest ensure that your boiler works efficiently. A full service should take less than an hour but it’s truly time and money well spent.

Current Standards Check

An initial check will ensure that your boiler meets current gas, electrical, and building safety standards, as well as water by-laws. From time to time adjustments will need to be made to your boiler to ensure that it remains compliant with these. I am familiar with all major brands of boilers and I will discuss any of these changes and why they are required with you before carrying them out.


This is a general check of the outer casing and internal parts.  The boiler is checked to ensure it is in full working order before each component is checked over. Then I will check the seals and joins on the pipe work, then the fan and electrics for any signs of damage or wear. I will inspect the flue terminal ensuring it is unobstructed and that the internal flue components are correctly sealed.

Flue Gas Analysis

This check ensures that the gas valve is adjusted correctly to ensure the burner is working at optimum efficiency. Flue combustion gases are checked using a flue gas analyzer and, depending on the results of this, further work may need to be carried out.

A Full Service Report

Finally, I will provide you with a detailed service report. This report will itemize the service and indicate where your boiler has passed or failed. If repairs are needed I will provide you with a quote for the work there and then. For an experienced and efficient boiler servicing engineer in the Huddersfield area, you can’t go wrong with Andrew Crookes Plumbing.  Contact us here today or call on  Phone: 07901 826085 Landline: 01484 602010

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